Tamil Engineers Foundation History

Tamil Engineers Foundation (Engineers Charity Fund) was formed in later part of 2007 to collectively participate spiritually and morally for the long lasting peace at our home land. This is a non political, non profit and charity focused organisation and committed to help the needy and disadvantaged people.

Our Vision

The establishment and development of "Engineers Charity Fund" as a global caring charity organisation to help the needy and affected people in North and East of Sri Lanka and people living in similar circumstances in other countries.

Our Mission

To provide financial and moral support to help the needy school / university children, orphanage centres, hospitals and other charity organisations in North and east of Sri-Lanka while maintaining strong links with other charity organisations locally and internationally to achieve our vision.

Our Goals

  • Foster and maintain fellowship amongst the Engineers working in Australia and Overseas.
  • Provide financial and material assistance to Tamils living in the North and East and other parts of Sri Lanka.
  • Provide humanitarian assistance to orphanage centres, refugees, war victims and their families living in the North and East and other parts of Sri Lanka.
  • Maintain links with other Engineering Organisations/Associations or similar Associations in Australia and overseas to share and undertake co - ordinated development projects in the North and East and other parts of Sri Lanka.
  • Raise funds through donations from its members and well-wishers, organising concerts and cultural functions, and other activities for the purpose of meeting the stated aims and objectives.
  • Assist engineers migrating to Australia to find a suitable job by assisting them with the preparation of an application.
  • Develop "Engineering Charity Fund" as a global charity organisation to represent Engineers locally and internationally and undertake humanitarian projects to help the needy and disadvantaged people.

Our Values

  • Respect, care and help each other.
  • Maintain honesty, integrity and excellence.
  • Provide moral and financial support to needy and disadvantaged people.
  • Inspiring a legacy of social awareness and compassion.

Latest News/Projects

COVID19 Support – Donation of LKR 1.5Million ($10,150) to purchase Medical Instruments for Tellippalai Base Hospital and Mullaitivu District General Hospital

Published on 2021-06-22 @ 10:08:00 PM

Due to the current worsening COVID19 pandemic situation (3rd wave) in Sri Lanka, most of the hospitals are struggling with the high number of patients getting admitted and trying to set up separate COVID19 Units/wards to deal the situation, refer attached funding requests from Mullaitivu & Tellippalai Hospitals. These hospitals are struggling with lack of COVID19 medical instruments.ECF Qld Chapter initiated a fundraising effort among their friends & families and raised a significant amount of $10,150.00 (Rs 1.5M) recently towards this noble cause.The funds have been disbursed to the Medical Professionals from Tellippalai and Mullaitivu Hospitals to purchase Emergency Medical Instruments to help & support the COVID19 patients admitted at these hospitals.The details of funds donated to the Hospitals:a.Tellippalai Hospital – LKR 1.0Million ($6750.00)b.Mullaitivu Hospital – LKR 0.5Million ( $3350.00)c.Total Amount – LKR 1.5MillionECF sincerely thanks all the donors for their generous & kind hearted donations towards this worthy cause. Most of the donors are young graduates we are glad that they have stepped up when the COVID19 situation turned to worse in our homeland.A.Arrangements have been made to purchase the following medical instruments for the Mullaitivu Hospital – LKR 0.5Million. 1 Nos. Multipara Monitor (LKR 275000/Unit) – LKR 275000 1 Nos. Medicine Trolley (LKR 38000/Unit) – LKR 38000 10Nos. Saline Stands (LKR 8500/Unit) – LKR 85000 2 Nos. Water Filters (LKR 49999/Unit) – LKR 99998 TOTAL – LKR 497998B.Tellippalai Hospital will decide the list of medical instruments to be purchased shortly for a sum of LKR 1 Million. The details and photos will be circulated in due course.The committee thanks the young graduates for their great initiative in raising a significant amount to help the COVID19 patients in our homeland. Their efforts are well appreciated.We are sure these donations will enhance the patient care and help the COVID19 patients at these Hospitals.Read more...

Progress Report – Revolving Loan Project implemented in late 2020 to establish livelihood income to 10 woman headed families in Madduvil South Chavakacheri in Memory of Late Mr. S’Mutthu Sivarasa

Published on 2021-06-22 @ 09:14:00 PM

A sum of Rs.545,000 was provided in late 2020 as interest free loan to 10 women headed families (Rs50,000 per family) to establish livelihood income generating opportunities such as farming activities, Sewing, corner shop, Goat/Cow rearing etc.The funds were donated by Late Mr.S’Mutthu Sivarasa’s E72 batchmates (residing around the globe) which includes some of our members to implement this project in memory of Late Eng. S’Muttu Sivarasa who passed away in Sydney in 2020. This project was implemented at Late Mr. S’Mutthu Sivarasa’s own village Madduvil South, Chavakacheri, Jaffna.This progress report & photos clearly illustrates how the families utilised the loan amount to enhance their livelihood income. This project is being implemented by CCYE (Centre for Child & Youth Empowerment) Jaffna with the guidance of Sivan Arul Illam of Thiruketheswaram. The recovered loan amount will be revolved again to another 10 women headed families as interest free loan.ECF has implemented more than 20 similar Revolving Loan Projects for the last 7 years and now they are providing the benefits to more than 250 women headed families every year without any capital funding from our charity.The committee thank CCYE and Sivan Arul Illam of Thiruketheswaram (Dr. Jayamohan) for coordinating this project with keen interest. CCYE of Jaffna has taken proactive measures to monitor /implement this scheme during the COVID19 difficult period, their efforts are well appreciated. We are sure these types of Revolving Loan Projects will lift the standard of living and eradicate the poverty in our homeland.Read more...

Scholarships provided to five needy students (high achievers) in Vanni Area

Published on 2021-06-20 @ 07:38:00 PM

These Science scholarships are designed to encourage students from underprivileged background focus on Science streams in their GCE A/L classes as Science education gives them better job opportunities after their University program. Historically, only 10% of the students in Kilinochchi district choose the Science stream. There is a need to encourage A/L students to choose Science streams and provide them scholarships so that they can get the extra assistance needed to gain the knowledge for the Advanced Level exams. These scholarships will give them enough funds to get the tuitions that are needed to prepare well for their exams.Engineers Charity Fund (ECF) made a commitment to sponsor 5 selected students (first five) from the attached list and made a $1000 payment to initiate this scheme. The 2nd instalment will be made during the 2nd half of 2021 and 3rd & 4th instalments will be made in 2022 accordingly.The committee thank and pass on our gratitude to all the donors for their generous and kind hearted donation to support these students. It is noted that Sakthy Somasundaram of Brisbane made a significant contribution to sponsor 3 students. The donors passion towards helping these students are greatly appreciated.ECF provided funds (Rs390,000) to a similar scheme through SJC87 committee in 2017/18 in helping 5 GCEA/L students in Vanni area. Out of 5 students 4 of them gained University Admission to follow tertiary education at various Universities – one student gained admission to Medical Faculty to follow MBBS. The 5th student (K.Nishanthan) received good results at that time but didn’t apply for the University Admission due to his family situation/hardship. SJC 87 committee encouraged him to sit GCE A/L again in 2020 and now he got reasonably good results (B, 2C – district rank of 7 – Bio) and may get the chance to follow tertiary education in one of the UniversitiesWe are sure this scheme will bring great benefits in uplifting the education standard of the students of remote area and help them gaining University admission to continue their tertiary education. We wish to thank SJC 87 Committee for managing this scheme effectively for the past few years.Read more...

Quiz Competition in Maths and Science at Kilinochi funded by Tamil Engineers Foundation (Engineers Charity Fund)

Published on 2018-04-01 @ 08:41:00 PM

A TEF funded Maths & Science Quiz Competition was conducted by the staff & student union of Engineering Faculty at Kilinochchi during the Eng. week in early 2018.Read more...

Thai Pongal Villa at Sydney Murugan Temple - 2018 - Tamil Engineers Foundation (Engineers Charity Fund)

Published on 2018-01-22 @ 09:37:00 AM

We are glad that many of you participated in the Thai Pongal Day activities at Sydney Murugan Temple on 14th Jan (Sunday). The activities i.e. bajan, lunch and evening prasatham progressed very well and was well coordinated. The lunch (Rice with 5 Vegetable Curries, Pappadam & Payasam) was served to approximately 1750 devotees and the evening prasatham ( Kadalai ) was also served to many devotees.It was indeed a great accomplishment.Read more...

Tamil Engineers Foundation (Engineers Charity Fund) - Provision of Clothing to 50 Children at 3 Orphanages at Trincomalee

Published on 2017-12-14 @ 09:15:00 AM

Tamil Engineers Foundation provided Rs 213,000.00 ($2000.00) to "Livelihood Trincomalee" to distribute new clothes to 50 children from the following three orphanages in Trincomalee area.Read more...